European Public Sector Award
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With the support of: IIAS International Institute of Administrative Sciences


9 Good Reasons to Take Part

  • Participation in the EPSA is an excellent opportunity to show appreciation to your employees and bring the work of their projects to the attention of a wider European audience
  • The EPSA offers all innovative administrative areas the opportunity to be showcased and rewarded – irrespective of the size or type of the administration or the cultural sphere in which it operates
  • The EPSA focuses on highly topical thematic fields, which are carefully chosen in close cooperation with the countries officially supporting the award: in this way, applicants receive valuable input for their administrative work and effective support, whilst also indicating potential for improvement and further development
  • The EPSA offers applicants maximum benefits as a network of excellence (learning platform) and efficient knowledge transfer across Europe
  • The EPSA works with an independent, impartial and internationally acknowledged pool of experts throughout its evaluation process
  • Participating administrative bodies will improve their image by publishing their results and achievements in the official EPSA publications, on the website and via other channels of dissemination
  • The online application process is simple and straightforward
  • Participation in the competition is free of charge

à Assess Yourself and Learn from the Best – Showcasing and Rewarding European Public Excellence.


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